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  • Eric Kim

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    18/09/2023 lúc 23:09

    I purchased vf9 in April. And on May 15th, the VF9 vehicle was registered and driven. An official email address was also connected to register the car operating system. There were many messages from vinfast to my official email address. However, I did not receive a message asking me to register my ID on the website until August 15th. In addition, I called the Vinfast hotline more than 100 times in 5 months due to a system defect, was dispatched 30 times due to a battery defect, and visited the repair center more than 20 times to repair and inspect the car. However, vinfast has never provided a message that it offers stock futures. I saw an article online offering stock posted on August 17th and signed up on August 18th. However, they say they cannot provide stocks because they only accept applications until August 15th. Is this the correct result? Whose fault is it? Is vinfast a company that deceives its customers? I also paid all costs for the ADAS autonomous driving system. The salesperson also said that autonomous driving is available. It has been 5 months since I purchased the VF9 car. However, the autonomous driving function is still not available, and even the most basic cruise mode is not available. vinfast is deceiving its customers too much. what do you think?