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On April 12, 2019, VinFast Manufacturing and Trading LLC announced its promotion program for World Environment Day on June 5, carrying the message “15,000 people to join hands with VinFast to reduce environmental pollution”, with the total budget of VND100 billion. Accordingly, VinFast will directly give VND5-10 million to 15,000 first customers to buy its Klara electric scooters from the date of April 12, 2019.

The “15,000 people to join hands with VinFast to reduce environmental pollution” program is valid from now until when running out of promotional scooters. During the promotion period, the first 5,000 customers to buy VinFast Klara A1, lithium-ion battery electric scooters, will immediately receive VND10 million; and the first 10,000 customers to buy VinFast Klara A2, lead-acid battery electric scooters, will be given VND5 million. The promotional value is directly deducted into the sales price.

This is the biggest promotion program to be carried out in Vietnam’s electric motorcycle market. The program is VinFast’s practical action to join hands with its customers to reduce air and noise pollutions, create a green, civilized, and sustainable living environment, and actively echo the World Environment Day on June 5.

With the electric motor from Bosch (Germany), VinFast Klara operates smoothly and economically, reduces the emission of exhaust gases and pollutants, gradually becoming a comprehensive solution to the air and noise pollutions in urban areas of Vietnam.


In addition to the high-value discount, customers who buy Klara electric scooters during the campaign still receive full promotions and after-sales services from VinFast, including a 3-year warranty with no mileage limit, free maintenance for 3 years or 30,000 km, etc.

Besides the direct discount for electric scooters, VinFast will also organize a series of test drives in all provinces to make it easier for Vietnamese customers to access and try its electric scooters. Customers can sign up for a test drive at VinFast’s authorized dealers or showrooms in major shopping centers across the country.

According to the announced pricing plan, two versions of VinFast Klara, one lithium-ion battery version and one lead-acid battery version, are available on the market at VND50 million and VND30 million (including VAT), respectively.

With the “15,000 people to join hands with VinFast to reduce environmental pollution” program, VinFast hopes to provide consumers another opportunity to own a VinFast Klara electric scooter at attractive prices. Along with the announced pricing plan, consumers can actively choose when to buy a scooter to optimize their benefits while joining hands with VinFast to protect the environment.


About VinFast:

VinFast, founded in 2017, is a subsidiary of Vingroup - the largest private enterprise in Vietnam. The company is currently operating in the industry of automotive and electric scooter manufacturing at its factory in Cat Hai - Hai Phong. On November 03, 2018, VinFast launched its first electric scooter line, VinFast Klara, with a lithium-ion battery version and a lead-acid battery version. On Mach 06, 2019, VinFast completed the trial production of its first Lux SA2.0 cars and sent a series of vehicles overseas for testing. VinFast plans to start rolling out its automobiles in Quarter II and Quarter III of 2019.

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