• Vietnam's first car maker
  • Design choosen by its People
  • Built by the auto World's finest
  • VinFast looks to the future

Vietnam's first car maker

VinFast is under Vingroup – the largest private enterprise and one of the leading technology, industry and service groups in Vietnam. Over the last decades, the company has established its position as market leader and trusted brand for millions of customers in the property, hospitality and entertainment, consumer retail, healthcare, education, agriculture and industrial sectors. Vingroup’s brands were founded with a mission to strive ‘for a better life for the Vietnamese people’, and Vingroup wanted to build a proud car brand for the country that was stylish, premium and embodied the Vietnamese spirit, that would appeal beyond its domestic market, to the world.

VinFast's vision was to create cars with a strong Vietnamese identity that would represent the country — and be competitive — on the global automotive stage

Design choosen by its People

To find a car that reflected the desires of the Vietnamese driver, VinFast did something no car brand has ever done before. By inviting the Vietnamese people - our first future customers - to be directly involved in our designs right at the start, we turned the traditional design process on its head.

This completely fresh and innovative approach breaks all the rules when it comes to creating a new car model. VinFast is creating a product not only by the people of Vietnam, but for the people of Vietnam.

Built by the auto World's finest

By enlisting the very best specialists in automotive industry — including Italian design house Pininfarina, vehicle engineering specialist Magna Steyr and powertrain engineers AVL – VinFast has been able to create truly world-class cars from the outset.

VinFast cars are also built using world-class equipment. A servo press from Schuler is at the heart of the facility’s press shop, and a fully automated body shop that uses high-quality Dürr paint equipment ensure a world-class finish. The facility is not only world-class, it is best in class.

VinFast looks to the future

A Vietnamese business with a truly global outlook, VinFast is proud to have launched the first cars in its GlobalCar portfolio

In VinFast, Vingroup has created a car brand that Vietnamese people can be truly proud of. It meets domestic drivers’ automotive needs and ideals — and it also answers demand from a growing domestic market, one of the fastest-growing economies in South East Asia. But it is also an innovative car brand for the world, a dynamic company that’s happy to take an unconventional approach to make great things happen. Delivering highly original styling in world-class cars, it’s an exciting new contender with the potential to shake up the global car industry.